About us


Winner of "2017 family choice award"

It all started with three busy moms who had the desire to create the most darling, yet classic, handcrafted little girls shoes.  In the journey with each edition, improvements in design were made.  Highly skilled shoemakers were found to produce beautiful footwear for Foxpaws which became a registered trademark in 2012.  Many of the styles in our collection are named after our kids.  They are the source of our inspiration!  

Foxpaws children's footwear are designed with timeless style, quality, and comfort in mind. Using the finest premium materials, each shoe is made lovingly by expert artisans with special attention to detail.

Foxpaws baby footwear are made with 100% genuine leather for comfort and flexibility to support and promote healthy foot development.

Since all great journeys start with a single step, your little ones should probably have on a cute pair of shoes!

Thanks for visiting us!  Happy shopping!

Help Children

With our love for children, we pledge to donate shoes to children in need through Outreach Programs in partnership with several organizations in our community.  Donated shoes are distributed to orphanages, daycare centers and elementary schools for children in need all around the world.

Sponsorships include the following:
* Fund raising projects in our local community
* Outreach programs in the Philippines
* Inner-city children in need
* Healing Hands for Haiti
* Hope Supply Co
* Baby2Baby